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From our Clients

Empowering transformations, Move Through Yoga pioneers the future of adaptive yoga, touching lives from clients to students. Read their stories and contact us directly to tell us yours.

“I have learned a ton from you specifically and the program! THANK YOU! It's really been a great resource and having the chance to learn, model, and do has been great for me as a teacher too!”
Erica Schutte
Dean Of Students
Wayne Carle Middle School
“One thing that I have noticed is students are using the skills that are taught in Move Through Yoga, on their own, during class. Teaching each other the power of the breath, that we all can use.”
Narissa Stahl
Adapted Physical Education
Denver Public Schools
“I think in general having the time and space to devote to practicing yoga where all students felt and found success is critical to student wellbeing”
Molly Mason
Special Education Teacher
Denver Public Schools
“I have noticed that a lot of my students have had an increase in social skills, and their communication skills.”
Kristy Bates
Multi-Intensive Special Ed. TEacher
Denver Public Schools
"Move Through Yoga's LMS program has given me the opportunity to bring adaptive yoga to The Traveling Gnomes (TTG, LLC.), a local disability travel agency. I am still fairly new to teaching yoga to our peers, however, MTY's online program and 1:1 coaching sessions have given me the tools I need to feel confident in teaching our clients. Some of our clients' favorite lessons and experiences from this program have been MTY's miming activity and creating our best tree poses while out in nature. Catch us locally and beyond incorporating more of Move Through Yoga's flows into our travel!"
Mallory Gustin
The Traveling Gnomes
“We talk to our students about the importance of balance, flexibility, and core strength and how important those are for physical fitness and everyday activities. Our students are embracing the practice and we celebrate Yoga Wednesday, every week. “
Jamie Leeburg
Physical Education Teacher
Jefferson Public Schools
“Move Through Yoga has been really inspirational for our class, to have you come into our room, it really changed the expectations and the dynamics for some students, and how they can follow directions and participate.”
Katie Ryan
Adapted Physical Education Teacher
Denver Public Schools
"Not only does MTY work to improve students' physical abilities, but also their social/emotional skills, mental health and wellness, trust, and multiple coping mechanisms. We have been able to incorporate MTY into 3 high schools and the results have been fabulous."
Vinne Pokornowski
(Former) Adapted Physical Education Instructional Curriculum Specialist, DPS.
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