Move Through Yoga


Changing Lives,
With Your Help

Move Through Yoga is a non-profit promoting accessible health and wellness programming for individuals of all academic, athletic, and socio- economic backgrounds.

Through the help of donations and sponsorships, our mission and vision become reality for thousands of people in the country. We offer three different levels of sponsorships and would love to speak with you!

Breathe With Us

Provide props and supplies for our direct service programs to schools that otherwise can't afford them. Supplies include mats, blocks, straps, balls, breathing tools for reference etc.

Move With us

Sponsor a school, or an agency to receive our direct services programming for students with IDD, and if applicable, their Unified PE program.
Sponsor a school, or an agency to receive training and coaching so they can implement our methodology.  

Grow With Us

MTY needs your support to grow and sustain our organization.
Your donations will fund critical MTY leadership, staffing and operational infrastructure.

Learn More About Supporting Move Through Yoga


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