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Move Through Yoga is a nonprofit that provides training in adaptive yoga methods for professionals and caregivers to enhance the support they provide to individuals with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities.

About Us

Move Through Yoga is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of individuals with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities by expanding their access to adaptive yoga. 

 The principles and practices of adaptive yoga offer tremendous benefits to individuals living with disabilities that include decreased stress and isolation, enhanced social-emotional resilience, and strengthened self-management skills. Move Through Yoga serves as a source of expertise, resources, and advocacy, and offers education and immersive skills training to the community of professionals and caregivers supporting the disability community.  

Move Through Yoga currently offers training programs in a variety of formats for those working in diverse settings, including camps, schools, homes, and agencies.  

The objective of Move Through Yoga’s professional training programs is to enable participants to gain knowledge and practical skills in applying adaptive yoga principles and practices with their specific populations and settings. Move Through Yoga’s teaching methodology and curriculum are grounded in deep expertise and years of experience.

Move Through Yoga In Action

Yoga practices can be incorporated into a variety of settings, including special education and physical education classrooms, as well as day programs and camps. MTY has compiled extensive learning resources that enable training participants of all levels to gain knowledge and skills in adaptive yoga that can be applied with confidence. 

Our Programs

Training in adaptive yoga methodologies includes foundational knowledge and practical techniques to apply in all settings. We also offer coaching with our highly trained MTY CARES team for all trainees to ensure confidence in application.

Training & Coaching

For a diverse range
of professions

We provide workshops on a variety of topics for those in education, corporate settings, as well as the health and wellness industry. We believe that wholistic wellness should be a priority and accessible for all and in all settings.


Bringing adaptive yoga
beyond the studio

Move Through Yoga has always been a direct service provider by going into school settings and working with students during the school day. We will always aim to graduate “mind-body fit students”.

Direct Services

Sharing the value of adaptive yoga in a variety of settings

Get Started With Move Through Yoga

From our workshops to our trainings, Move Through Yoga is leading the way in adaptive yoga, and we would like to speak with you about getting involved!

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