Promoting mind-body connections for students of all academic and athletic backgrounds 

MTY Adapted Yoga for Adapted Physical Education

Our  Adapted curriculum, which is state Physical Education standard aligned,  ensures that students with disabilities also have the opportunity to “move through yoga”. Each of the lessons focus on a social-emotional component as well as an adapted physical posture practice.   We meet the students where they are and use “grounding, balancing, expanding and rhythming” techniques, taught by Matthew Sanford, to ensure the classes are safe, mindful, and yet captivating for all students. 

MTY MINUTES: Building Resilient Schools

Through the framework of – Breathe First; BE Second; Move Last – participants in this MTY MINUTES workshop will walk away feeling reinvigorated themselves, and with a toolkit of strategies and resources that will empower students to succeed in and out of the classroom. Building resilient schools starts with an empowered administration and faculty.

In School Programming

Move Through Yoga is proud to bring our proven, customizable, National and State standards aligned, health and wellness curriculum to schools. Since our inception, Move Through Yoga has been on the front lines of shifting the education paradigm in willing, proactive schools.

After School Programming

Move Through Yoga believes that there is no better way to let go of the stress of the school day than taking some time to breathe, move and be mindful. We offer the same engaging, in school programming in an after-school setting.