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In this course, you will learn how to teach yoga to individuals with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities. It includes full lesson plans, instructional videos, and supplemental materials. The curriculum includes 8 units, each with 6-8 lessons, designed to be taught once per week. The lessons within each unit focus on accessible breathing skills, flexibility, strength, and cultivating stillness. Social-emotional lessons that integrate coping strategies to self-regulate are seamlessly woven throughout. Each lesson comes with a customizable lesson planner that will enable to you take our curriculum and modify it for your unique set of student needs. Once you have read each lesson and passed a short checkpoint quiz, you will gain access to supplementary materials that will enhance your instruction and classroom. Our instructional videos include a diverse group of students with a wide range of physical abilities, as well as suggestions for further accommodations of the poses. This curriculum provides access to an inclusive adaptive yoga practice for all neuro- and physically- diverse individuals.

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