Move Through Yoga

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement of Principle:

  • We take the widest breadth view of diversity. We see all sentient beings for who they are and welcome them to join our community just as they are.

  • We find value in the social emotional education the comes from connecting with peers from diverse academic, athletic, socio-economic backgrounds.

  • We wholeheartedly believe that continuing education means that there is an unwavering collaborative and cooperative spirit between all departments, and parties who care for our students, and that their diverse voices and perspective.

  • We believe that each member of a care team, who supports an individual with IDD, matters and that by providing them with tools to nurture mind-body connections, they themselves will benefit – ultimately improving all dynamics and relationships.

  • We strive to include diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the center of our daily work.

  • We commit to using these inclusive, accessible, and equitable practices for our business and our communities.


At the core of our organization is the priority to achieve Impact first which can be measured in qualitative and quantitative outcomes. We want to ensure that our programmatic goals are achieved.

We want to ensure that we are training a diverse group of professionals who serve and support individuals with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. 

We want to ensure that our training programs and direct services are directly impacting individuals with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities in a variety of settings.  

We cannot achieve any level of impact without embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion as fundamental principles and practices across all of our work.

With our Reach, We Will

Hold fast to our vision: that every individual with IDD deserves the opportunity to live a healthful life, be treated with humanity and respect, and receive a mind-body, wholistic education.

Achieve the impact we want to have in the world by actively reaching out to and listening to our partners in the community, who care for and serve individuals with IDD.

All Move Through Yoga and announcements and communications are available in Spanish and other languages identified among  populations served by MTY clients.

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