An empowering program that promotes mind-body connections, builds emotional and social wellness, and enhances inner and outer strength.

Move Through Yoga is dedicated to bringing mindfulness, meditation and yoga to the entire school community.

We are a comprehensive health and wellness program proven to create change in the lives of youth from all academic, athletic, and socio-economic backgrounds. Our curriculum can be tailored to meet the needs of your students and/or your school community. MTY is committed to providing our clients with comprehensive programming that will shift classroom, and school culture. We are determined to help you be stronger inside and out, on and off the yoga mat.

MTY MINUTES: Building Resilient Schools

Through the framework of – Breathe First; BE Second; Move Last – participants in this MTY MINUTES workshop will walk away feeling reinvigorated themselves, and with a toolkit of strategies and resources that will empower students to succeed in and out of the classroom. Building resilient schools starts with an empowered administration and faculty.

In School Programming

Move Through Yoga is proud to bring our proven, customizable, National and State standards aligned, health and wellness curriculum to schools. Since our inception, Move Through Yoga has been on the front lines of shifting the education paradigm in willing, proactive schools.

After School Programming

Move Through Yoga believes that there is no better way to let go of the stress of the school day than taking some time to breathe, move and be mindful. We offer the same engaging, in school programming in an after-school setting.



In high school there are many stressful situations. One way to cope with it is by a special yoga program in my high school known as, move through yoga (MTY). We have an amazing teacher in Ms. Stephanie Gross. She lets it be known that by moving and feeling your breath that you can get through any tough situation and as here students, we have all adapted to that way if thinking. (Not to mention the yoganedra), which give me deep relaxation from the world. I remember one day when I wasn’t having such a great day. Ms. Gross pulled me to the side because she noticed that I wasn’t being my normal self and gave me a little pep talk. She then did a Yin-Flow which helped me breath and detach from the world outside and find my inner self. We then closed class with a 15-min meditation session which tied the whole day in together. i can completely say i was back to normal but i was honestly 90% percent of my normal self and the 10% didn’t show a bet. I can credit it to Ms. Gross for being a positive influence in my life never bearing sadness, sickness, or hurt. She’s always been positive even when things didn’t go the way she wanted them to and she only spoke good thing, although strict at time she never gave up on a student and found a way to make us push forward. I’m glad to have the MTY program in my school.


I remember the beginning of my junior year… I had this class called “lifestyle fitness and design” I honestly had no idea that was yoga an when Mrs.Gross introduced herself I knew that this class was going to yoga, but I thought yoga was just some postures put together. I did not realize how much yoga really is an how it can affect someone. Ever since I have been practicing yoga I have felt great physically and mentally. Not to mention I have actually grown a few inches In the last 8 months. I do not regret having this class at all because it has also helped me with problems at home, school, and even work. Like Mrs. Gross always says stay cool, calm, and collected. I recommend this elective to everyone and you don’t have to be an atlantic high student if you’re reading this and you haven’t tried yoga before do it! All it will bring is peace an positive vibes


Before Move Through Yoga, I was a very inactive and lazy person who did not like exercising at all. When I was introduced to yoga at ATL, I started to enjoy yoga and learning about the body. I’ve learned so much through yoga and Ms. Gross has taught me so much about yoga and I actually go to classes outside of school. I never would have pictured me doing yoga a year ago but I am sure to do yoga the rest of my life. But yoga isn’t just exercising. The aspect that I enjoyed the most was meditating. Being a high school student means that there is a lot of stress with exams and studying and meditating really calms you down and makes you more relaxed. It’s also learning how to breathe and connect with your mind. It isn’t just physical, it’s also mental and Ms. Gross has taught us much about connecting through the mind and body. Also, I’m so glad I am in the Move Through Yoga class because I learned more about nutrition and health. Before Move Through Yoga, I was very unhealthy with eating but now I am aware of the foods I eat. I really appreciated when Whole Foods came to ATL and showed us healthier options that were surprisingly good! The Move Through Yoga class has changed who I am as a person and this class will stay with me for the rest of my life. My yoga experience was life changing and I’m so glad that I took the Move Through Yoga course as an elective!!


My first year at Boca High would’ve been very different if I wouldn’t have joined “The Move Through Yoga” program. This program has helped me in a lot of different and positive ways that I would’ve never imagined possible. The only place where I can feel my body, mind and spirit connect is during a yoga class. In there, all outer facades and defenses fall away and just our true selves are exposed. This program has helped me to blossom right into a better, more confident, version of myself. It has helped me not only physically, but mentally too. I’ve learned to have more patience and that with practice and perseverance anything is possible. It has helped me to relieve stress and think more positively. Everytime I practice yoga it gives me an opportunity to be present, to stop the stories raging in my mind, and just be. Thanks to this program I understood that yoga is not just “something you do”, it is a science. And that the way you deal with what happens on the mat is how you deal with life. I would like to learn more advance poses, and practice more flexibility and endurance. 


On my first day of freshman year, I was so nervous and scared about being in a new school. I was scared of not having any friends .On the day that I got my schedule, when I saw that I have a yoga class I was scared. I had heard how challenging it was. But, then second year yogis told me about all the fun things they had done the previous year and then I was so excited. The first time I walked in Mrs. Freihofer’s class her huge smile on her face made me feel welcome. She had her special ways by making everyone friends and we start being a family. This year I’ve learned more than I would have ever imagined in my yoga class. Meditation has taught me patience; Meditation has helped me stay calm throughout the day Instead of constantly worrying about every stress in my life. Vinyasa yoga really helped me with my hamstring flexibility. Learning about specific muscles used in certain yoga poses was very helpful in preventing any injuries.


I am a sophomore at Boca Raton High School. This is my first year taking Yoga, i got interested in taking yoga from my oldest sister, she is off to college now, but she has taught me so much in advance. Once I stepped foot onto my mat the very first day, with a bunch of smiling individuals, and the most amazing teacher I has ever met, I knew I was right were I belong. The best parts of my day is walking into the little room, and feeling the energy shift from stress, to absolutely uplifting spirits. My favorite day of the week would have to of been Tuesdays, those were “Try-it Tuesdays” I loved learning all the arm balances that I could not of imagined myself doing Freshman year. I look bad now and I see how much my life has changed. Yoga has gotten me to open up my eyes and not care so much about what people think about me, but how I think about myself. This year I have gotten honor roll all quarters, and I was able to express myself and get a job, and work for my money, and feel independent. I want to thank all my yogis, and the most inspiring teacher I have ever met, Miss Gross.


I am a graduate of Boca High. Stefanie Gross has been such an amazing part of my life, both on the mat and beyond it. Through class, she has shown me to celebrate success, but never to lose sight of the infinite potential for growth, to not get settled in the victory of success and plateau, but rather to push for more. She has taught me through yoga that there is always improvement to be made. The sky is not the limit; it is the beginning. While facing a negative situation, she taught me to roll out my mat, to set an intention, and take it with me out of the class. She has helped me see my own worth and to hold myself accountable for the treatment and the energy I deserve. She helped me through it by flowing it out and thinking it through. She pushed me to continue to hold myself to my standards and push beyond them. She was there when I was scared of a change I knew I needed to make for my own happiness. She helped plant the strength within me to value myself far more than the fear of leaving people who I loved, but had wronged me, behind. She showed me the way to establishing what I deserve and not letting fear keep me from attaining it. Because of Stefanie Gross, I am the happiest, strongest person I have ever been. And I am growing every single day.


My name is Lexi Brandt and i am a sophomore at Boca High. This is my second year taking yoga as an elective. When i first received yoga as a class freshman year I wasn’t so sure on how a yoga class would benefit me. I thought it would be easy and it would just benefit my physical health. Yet having Ms. Gross as a teacher has given me benefits in many other ways besides physical health. Meditations, flows, bootcamp, and lectures have given me a chance to grow and find myself. Yoga gives our bodies a chance to grow strong and heal physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yoga has taught me how to keep my body and mind happy and healthy which is a great thing to learn so early on. Throughout all the struggles in my life, yoga has been there to help me get through them. Through flow and meditation especially, yoga is a great stress reliever and it just helps you think about everything and just let it go. Not only is Ms. Gross a teacher, she’s a friend. She has been there for me when i needed somebody to talk to and she has guided me in a direction that i probably would never have gone down if I hadn’t taken her class. Her optimistic attitude and realness about life has inspired me so much in the past two years. Her yoga class is judgement-free and it opens opportunities to try new things and step out of our comfort zones. I have expanded my horizons so much throughout the years and yoga has given me a boost of confidence in myself that i thought i would never find. I have learned so much in this class about life; good and bad. Whether we go through breakups, a loss of any kind, stress about relationships, family, school, whatever it is, yoga will always be here and the yogis we have grown bonds with will be here to help guide us through the hard times. I cannot wait to continue my yoga practice hopefully throughout the summer and next school year. Yoga has changed my life and will forever continue to change it.