Move Through Yoga


Our curriculum consists of four core principles of adaptive yoga
and is written to ensure each lesson can meet the needs of our diverse learners.  

Move Through Breath

Learning to breathe into the belly is
an integral part of our curriculum. It
is the first skill we cover, and with
good reason; deep breathing
increases the supply of oxygen to
one’s brain and stimulates the
parasympathetic nervous system. Our
to breathe properly.

Move Through Balance

In our curriculum, we work with our
students to navigate the physical
aspects of balance including foot
strength and functionality to
balancing our mind. There are
social-emotional facets to our
curriculum that balance the holistic
nature of each of our units.

Move Through Softness

Learning to find softness is another dynamic component of our curriculum. Through practices of adaptive yin, and mindfulness meditation. students discover where their body is holding on to tension and techniques to soften it. We explore the interconnectedness between mental stress, our thoughts, and physical tension.

Move Through Strength

Learning to find strength extends far beyond the physical aspects. Our curriculum provides students with the opportunity to build physical strength, as it applies to the recruitment of muscle activation and functionality, through adaptive poses; and, we delve into what it takes to build a stronger, more unified community.
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